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    Greetings from the US:

    I'm an RSGB member and former EMC engineer for the ARRL. Although I'm now retired, I'm continuing on as chairman of an IEEE working group, P1897. This effort will ultimately lead to a recommended practice for locating and resolving power line noise and interference. Here in the US, utilities sometimes refer to it as "gap noise." The actual cause of the problem is arcing on poles and other utility hardware.

    An annex in this document includes some of the laws from various countries that pertain the radio interference caused by power lines and other devices. This is where I need help. If possible, we would like to include the laws pertaining radio inference in the UK from power lines and possibly consumer devices. could use some help. I'm not sure how complicated the British laws and requirements may be, but so far, the US and Canadian rules can be summarized and referenced in less than a page.

    Any assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

    Thanks & 73,
    Mike Gruber, W1MG
    Chairman of the P1897 Working Group
    Member of RSGB and ARRL
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    Hi Mike, what you need to do is drop a line to John Rogers M0JAV who is vice chair of the EMCC at the RSGB.

    He will be pleased i know to assist you

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    Thanks Ken, and will do
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  4. W1MG

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    Thanks Ken, and will do.

    Mike, W1MG

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